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Trees on agricultural land sink four times more carbon than previously thought

A 2016 study in the Nature journal showed that carbon sequestered by trees on agricultural land could be more than four times higher than previously thought. The research was carried out by a team of scientists from several organizations, including CIAT. Between 2000 and 2010, tree cover on agricultural land increased by 3 percent globally, resulting in […] Continue Reading

Future Policy Award crowns the World’s Best Land Restoration Policies

More people, less erosion – Ethiopia’s Tigray region demonstrates that this can be a reality: They will take home the Gold Future Policy Award 2017, beating 26 other nominated policies to the prize. Also known as “Oscar for Best Policies”, the Future Policy Award highlights the world’s best policies that combat desertification and land degradation […] Continue Reading

One Billion Trees Planted in Pakistan’s NW Province

Pakistan’s northwestern province, Khyber Pakhtunkhaw (KPK), has planted an unprecedented 1 billion trees in just more than two years and surpassed an international commitment of restoring 350,000 hectares of forests and degraded land. The massive effort aims to turn the tide on land degradation and loss in the mountainous, formerly forested KPK, which lies in […] Continue Reading

Strengthening rural institutions and empowering people to reduce poverty and inequalities

The majority of the world’s rural poor are family farmers, fishers, livestock and forest users who live in isolated areas and who depend on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihoods. Being both marginalized and geographically dispersed, the rural poor face major constraints in seizing social and economic opportunities to improve their lives and those of their families. This […] Continue Reading

We’ve Made Great Strides in the Fight Against Global Hunger. So Why Are Millions at Risk of Starvation?

More people around the world are escaping extreme poverty than ever before. In just 10 years, 167 million fewer people are undernourished. But we cannot let another day go by without acknowledging that millions more children, men and women are currently at risk of starvation, and this progress is in danger of being reversed. Knowledge is power, […] Continue Reading

New paper discusses women’s land rights as a pathway to poverty reduction

Land is an important asset for rural households, and having secure land rights is important for poverty reduction. Despite the large body of literature on the relationship between land tenure security, livelihoods, and poverty, most of this literature is based on household-level data and does not consider possible intrahousehold inequalities in land ownership. We know […] Continue Reading