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Growing Trees and Growing Profit: Is Your Business a “Restoration Enterprise?”

As one of our most powerful natural climate solutions, forest and landscape restoration is among the cheapest and most effective ways to store carbon and curb climate change. What’s more, expanding restoration can create enticing investment opportunities in a “restoration economy.” One hundred and fourteen governments have made commitments to restoration as part of their […] Continue Reading

Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest

Topher White spends a lot of time walking in—and thinking about—the forest, and how quickly we’re losing it. So much so that he’s gotten a black eye from being smacked by flying tree branches. But that’s just a small example of what the engineer is willing to endure to stop global deforestation. Founder of the San […] Continue Reading

Could expanding forests be the key to our climate strategy?

At the 2015 Paris climate conference, the United States and 196 other nations agreed to combat climate change by cutting their greenhouse gas emissions. The Paris Agreement recognizes that forests play an important role in meeting climate goals by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing carbon in trees and soils. But the agreement […] Continue Reading

Climate impacts hit 750 million South Asians over 10 years

A new study looks at five major impacts of climate change, the sectors and the people most vulnerable. Almost 750 million people in South Asia were affected by floods, droughts, extreme rainfall, heat waves and sea-level rise — all impacts of climate change or worsened by it — in the first decade of this millennium, according […] Continue Reading

Oxfam launches VR film, trials 3D printing and sensor tech

International charity Oxfam is leveraging new technologies to spread the word about crises happening around the globe, as well as exploring the use of 3D printing, drones and internet of things sensors as new ways of delivering aid and solving problems in the developing world. On Tuesday, Oxfam is set to launch a virtual reality film […] Continue Reading

The Great Green Wall: African Farmers Beat Back Drought and Climate Change with Trees

A quiet, green miracle has been growing in the Sahel. Farmers in the western Sahel have achieved a remarkable success by deploying a secret weapon often overlooked in wealthier places: trees. Not planting trees. Growing them. Chris Reij, a Dutch environmental specialist at VU University Amsterdam who has worked on agricultural issues in the Sahel […] Continue Reading