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Tokyo International Conference on African Development Side Event

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Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) is a summit meeting on African development. The summit was initiated by Japan in 1993 and so far five conferences have been held in Japan. Its main objective is to promote high-level policy dialogue between African leaders and their partners as well as mobilize support for African-owned development initiatives. The […] Continue Reading

From courage and innovation comes hope


Would you quit your current position at your place of work to venture out on your own? If so, would you consider yourself to have acquired all the skills and expertise necessary to be successful? According to Samuel, a champion farmer of the Trees for Food Security (T4FS) Project, it was about time he developed […] Continue Reading

Empowering women through trees

Project team and reviewers posing for a group photo with Elgon Trust Women Group. Photo Catherine Muthuri

A number of women in Manafwa District, Uganda, sought to establish a group that would create a joint income generating platform through nurseries, dubbed Elgon Trust Women group. The group started with 8 members and currently has 22members. Challenges arising from harsh weather conditions (mainly having to carry water from a steam to water the […] Continue Reading

Transformation: When good science and innovation meet


“It’s better to have a team of good farmers than good researchers, in terms of impacts.” These were Tony Bartlett’s remarks during the Trees for Food Security (T4FS) Project review in Uganda. Richard Namunyu, a lead farmer of the Project wowed reviewers with his vast knowledge of trees and farming, as well as the extensive work […] Continue Reading

Starting small, thinking big: seven ingredients that help smart agriculture thrive


Rural farmers in many parts of the world are already using ‘smart’ agricultural practices like intercropping, agroforestry and rainwater harvesting. But what if those practices benefitted the livelihoods and landscapes of millions more? Climate-smart agriculture, the raft of sustainable agricultural practices designed to help farmers overcome hunger, adapt to climate change, manage their natural resources […] Continue Reading