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Australian acacias with the answers for a hungry world

Australian acacias, tackling hunger.

Australian Acacias – Bringing food to the hungryAustralian acacias have evolved to grow in a wide range of environments, including the driest of dry areas.  Due to the lack of large herbivores in Australia as there is in Africa, many of these species have not developed techniques such as seed toxicity, bitterness or elaborate thorns […] Continue Reading

EverGreen Agriculture: Rethinking Modern Farming


Our Chair, Dennis Garrity, had a marvelous interview with Spore Magazine on EverGreen Agriculture, where he detailed how it differs from the common definition of Agroforestry, the benefits of EverGreen Agriculture systems to livelihoods, farms and the broader community and so much more! The Evergreen Agriculture Partnership was launched in 2009 to build the capacity of smallholder farmers […] Continue Reading

Drylands forests and agroforestry systems

A blog post by Paul Stapleton, Head of Communication at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). Agroforestry and sustainable forest management and restoration promise hope for world’s threatened drylands. “We treat dryland trees as if they were inferior to rainforest trees,” claimed Lars Laestadius of the World Resources Institute, at a packed event taking place on […] Continue Reading

African Leaders Urged to Link Landscapes to the People


The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature in Africa conference kicked off at the World Agroforestry Centre‘s conference hall, at their headquarters in Nairobi with major players calling for harmonization and integration of people living within the landscapes, with respect to the growing population. Challenges were thrown and shared across the hall by players from […] Continue Reading

Urbanization Poses Risks to Integrated Landscapes in Kenya


Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa to embrace the Integrated Landscape Approach, though experts attending the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature in Africa Conference say that urbanization and the quest for development is a real threat to this progress. Read more… Continue Reading