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Negotiators en route to the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris, scheduled to begin later this month, should take a detour on rural roads here in Johnson County. A new climate narrative is emerging among farmers in the American heartland that transcends a lot of the old story lines of denial and cynicism, […] Continue Reading

Gliricidia as a power source in Sri Lanka


Over a decade ago, Sri Lanka recognized the potential for Gliricidia Sepium to be used to power electricity and heat generating plants, from industrial size set-ups to household level ones. Designated as the 4th plantation crop, the continued success of using Gliricidia for these purposes has tremendous implications for its use in other parts of […] Continue Reading

More rain = less trees


Research from Princeton University published recently has found a relationship between higher rainfall and lower numbers of trees in savannah ecosystems in Southern Africa. The researchers have used mathematical models, in conjunction with ground truthing to validate an explanation for this. Their argument is, that grasses are more effective and efficient at making use of […] Continue Reading

Barking up the right tree


The Africa Rising Project of the World Agroforestry Centre has successfully changed the beliefs and misconceptions of farmers in Tanzania’s Kongwa and Kiteto Districts. The belief that trees could suck away nutrients from food crops has now been erased with farmers now enjoying the benefits of intercropping multipurpose trees with their crops. Additionally, the project […] Continue Reading

Trees grow ‘like children’


Manuel, a proponent of FMNR in Timor-Leste likens trees to children who must be considered and treated well. Not holding back his joy, Manuel shares his great experience as an implementer of the practice having received training through the Building Resilience to a Change and Environment (BRACCE) Project. Click here to read more Continue Reading