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Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

The Sustainable Forest Management module is intended for people involved in afforestation and reforestation program. The module establishes the difference between forest restoration and rehabilitation and sets out the main steps involved in both. The module provides basic and more detailed information on forest restoration and rehabilitation, as well as links to key tools and case […] Continue Reading

Can We Restore 350 Million Hectares by 2030?

Originally published on the World Resources Institute website.       With growing awareness of the economic costs of land degradation, political leaders are adopting ambitious targets to restore degraded forests and agricultural land.  Building on the interest in forest landscape restoration generated by the Bonn Challenge, in 2014, countries adopted the New York Declaration on […] Continue Reading

Quality climate data at the click of a button

Originally published on the ICRISAT website.     To increase the availability and accessibility of quality climate data in Mali an initiative titled ‘Enhancing National Climate Services’ (ENACTS) was launched recently. For the purpose, a workshop was held to introduce stakeholders to Mali weather station’s new data and web interface called the Mali Meteo Data Library and […] Continue Reading

The challenge to be climate smart with the world’s agriculture

Originally published on the World Bank website.     Here’s something you may not be aware of: agriculture and changes in land use already contribute 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a statistic that matters in the face of two unrelenting challenges now facing the globe –how to turn the promises of last December’s historic […] Continue Reading

World Bank Scores Sustainable Energy Policies in 111 Countries

Originally published on the World Bank website.   An increasing number of developing countries – Mexico, China, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Brazil, and South Africa – are emerging as leaders in sustainable energy, with robust policies to support energy access, renewables and energy efficiency, according to a new World Bank Report. But there is huge room […] Continue Reading