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Tony Simons: Agroforestry is a ‘win-win’ for developing nations


Agroforestry is a “back to the future” concept, advocating a return to the origins of farming —trees and fields— rather than the modern concept of huge monocultures, says Tony Simons. Tony Simons is the Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre, a Nairobi-based body that works in 34 countries across the developing world to argue […] Continue Reading

Climate Smart Agriculture


More than a billion farmers and their families around the world are on the front line of climate change. Their lives and livelihoods are directly affected by its impacts, and they are also vital to implementing many of the solutions we need to help prevent it. “Climate-smart agriculture” describes agricultural practices which contribute to increasing […] Continue Reading

A tree grows in Mali


Women farmers use special trees to improve soil, increase food production. They call it the “fertilizer tree.” Gliricidia sepium is a special tree originally from South and Central America that flourishes in southern Mali. The tree’s leaves are particularly useful: They fertilize the soil naturally, helping farmers who might otherwise struggle to buy chemical fertilizer. Oxfam […] Continue Reading

From uniformity to diversity: A paradigm shift from industrial agriculture to diversified agro-ecological systems

From Uniformity to Diversity

Today’s food and farming systems have succeeded in supplying large volumes of foods to global markets, but are generating negative outcomes on multiple fronts: widespread degradation of land, water and ecosystems; high GHG emissions; biodiversity losses; persistent hunger and micro-nutrient deficiencies alongside the rapid rise of obesity and diet-related diseases; and livelihood stresses for farmers […] Continue Reading

People on degraded land cut-off from economic growth


Farmers living on degraded land are excluded from the benefits of economic growth in many developing countries, research suggests. A paper, published in PLOS One, found that the ability of economic expansion to reduce a country’s overall poverty falls significantly as the proportion of the rural population living on degraded agricultural land rises. The researchers estimate that the number […] Continue Reading