EverGreen World Newsletter

This Issue Includes Articles on:

  • Climate Change:
    • Poor nations need support to cut emissions from farming
    • UNCCD Published brief on land-climate nexus
    • More rain  = less trees
    • El Nino causing drought across the Sahel: EverGreen Agriculture resources to fight back
  • Scaling-Up EverGreen Agriculture:
    • All-Africa goal proposed Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration of trees on farmland
    • Eastern and Southern African countries establish initiative to Scale-up fertilizer tree technologies as a component of fertilizer subsidy programs
    • New land degradation neutrality goal to accelerate global restoration efforts
    • Six steps to regreening: development investors called to use EverGreen Agriculture in poverty alleviation programs
    • Webinar series on the latest in EverGreen Agriculture
    • Trees grow like children
  • Temperate EverGreen Agriculture:
    • Restoration Agriculture in the Corn Belt
    • Iowa’s climate-change wisdom
  • Evergreen Energy:
    • Creating EverGreen food-energy systems for rural electrification
  • EverGreen Restoration:
    • African forest landscape restoration initiative (AFR100) to be launched in Paris
    • Realizing the vision of forests- how EverGreen Agriculture can contribute
    • A smarter approach to locating African tree species
    • Rwanda’s success story on FMNR practices
    • Dreaming of an EverGreen future for the DRC
  • Gender and Youth:
    • Gender influences the nature of agroforestry adoption and training success
    • Where Africa youth fit into the future of agriculture?

EverGreen World Newsletter is designed to help communicate the many lessons we are learning through our network of Partners. Please let us know if there are subjects you would like for us to address in future issues!


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