9Since 1970, the population of sub – Saharan Africa has more than doubled. Land holdings have as a result shrunk in size, and many farmers, unable to leave their land fallow, now grow the same food crops, year after year, on the same plot of land. While the use of mineral fertilizers has risen tenfold in East Asia since 1970, it has remained stagnant, at very low levels, in sub-Saharan Africa. For most small farmers, the use of fertilizers that could replenish their soils is not economically feasible, due to increasing prices and climatic risks. The result is land degradation, low yields, persistent poverty and widespread malnutrition.
However, with EverGreen Agriculture, it needn’t be like this. Hundreds of thousands of smallholders across Africa nations such as Niger, Zambia and Malawi have increased their crop and soil resistance by using fertilizer trees on their land and radically improved the productivity of their land. EverGreen Agriculture provides new options to better care for the land and increase smallholder food production.