Research Organizations

The Partnership works with international and regional research organizations such as ICRAF in a continuous search for ways to improve EverGreen Agriculture on the farmlands, and increase the benefits sought from the practice. It assists the organizations to work out theories with the farmers so as to get direct feedback from them for more valuable and superior feedback. Research organizations build scientific research partnerships to address key knowledge gaps and issues to overcome the barriers for more rapid scaling-up. Planned and ongoing research areas for the next year will include activities such as:
  • Establishing a working group whereby interested people can contribute
  • Developing a strategy for research supporting EverGreen Agriculture (including FMNR), starting with knowledge gaps, inventory research, identifying priority research themes, funding needs and resource mobilization plan. This will involve the use of questionnaires to get the relevant information together in a working document, to be discussed by the research working group.
  • Promoting proposal development and resource mobilization.
  • Promoting dissemination of this research.