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The open secret of fertiliser shrubs

Evergreen agriculture, a form of agroforestry, is an affordable solution to agricultural challenges. The approach integrates trees with food crops and livestock to create more sustainable and productive agricultural systems for smallholding farm families. Evergreen agriculture is already positively transforming the lives of farmers in more than 20 African countries. Through restoring exhausted soils with […] Continue Reading

Instructional video to practicing EverGreen Agriculture

Improved soil fertility, suppression of striga weeds, increased crop yields, nutritious fodder for livestock, and more firewood, are just some of the benefits farmers derive from intercropping fertiliser shrubs and crops on farms. This practice is known as EverGreen Agriculture Click here to learn more on EVA! Continue Reading

This Man Wants to Pull 60,000 Rwandans Out of Poverty by Planting Trees

Jean Baptiste Mutabaruka is on the road to the local bank, again. When he gets there, he will inquire once more about raising money for an idea he thinks will reduce poverty in his small farming community of 60,000 in the province of Eastern Rwanda. For 10 years, Jean Baptiste has journeyed through the parched […] Continue Reading

Improving the Resiliency and Productivity of Farmlands through Agroforestry

When Holly and Barry Mawby arrived on their farm in Esmond, North Dakota in 2011, they discovered windbreaks that had not been cared for in decades. They quickly realized that they were in jeopardy of losing what little protection they had from the brutal winds. Farmers are challenged by ever-increasing production demands under the uncertainties […] Continue Reading

Dennis Garrity: my favorite drylands restoration success story

Dr. Dennis Garrity, Drylands Ambassador to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and former director general of the World Agroforestry Centre, shares his favorite drylands restoration success story: the spontaneous restoration by farmers of five million hectares of degraded land in Niger. Click here to hear Dennis success story Continue Reading

Regreening Africa’s landscape – Trees as natural fertiliser

Trees such as Faidherbia albida are planted in fields or pastures as natural fertilizer. In Zambia more than 160,000 farmers plant Faidherbia trees in their fields. Farmers in Niger have been able to make more than 4.8m hectares of land greener and more fertile, thanks to #EverGreenAgriculture. Click here to learn more  Continue Reading