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Bill Gates Is Heading a $1 Billion Clean Energy Venture Fund

Nearly two dozen of the world’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists will invest up to $1 billion in a fund led by Microsoft-co-founder Bill Gates that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by financing emerging clean energy technology. The Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund includes John Doerr, chairman of venture […] Continue Reading

From Waste to Watts: How Sewage Could Help Fix India’s Water, Energy and Sanitation Woes

Originally published on the WRI website. As India’s summer intensifies, many states are already in the midst of a drought—and the hottest days have yet to arrive. At the same time, water-intensive agriculture, rapid urban expansion, increases in industrial activity and growing energy production are driving the country’s water demand upward. More than half of […] Continue Reading

Wastewater: The Best Hidden Energy Source You’ve Never Heard Of

Originally published on the WRI website. It’s no secret that the world’s need for energy is increasing—but what many don’t realize is that a promising potential energy source is being flushed down our toilets every day. Increasingly, this wastewater—as well as other organic waste from sources like gardens and kitchens—is being used to heat homes, […] Continue Reading

Parkland Agroforestry

A video on Sustainable Land Management in Africa looks at the use of parkland agroforestry as part of effective and sustainable integrated farming. Continue Reading

Farmers and Pastoralists

A video on the series on Sustainable Land Management in Africa looks at the interactions between farmers and pastoralists in Mali, for the benefit of the environment and sustainability of scarce resources. Click here to watch the video Continue Reading

From small bushes, big trees grow

  Over the last decade World Vision and partners have been working very hard to introduce Farmer Manager Natural Regeneration (FMNR) wherever a receptive ear can be found. Uptake generally follows the following pattern: First there is disbelief that this low cost, simple technique can be beneficial. Deep-seated paradigms such as “trees are bad for crops, […] Continue Reading