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Outside the box

Originally published on the CARE website.                                                                     For 25 years, CARE Village Savings and Loan Associations have powered change through innovative economics. […] Continue Reading

Dreaming with eyes wide open

Originally published on the CARE website.                                                               Women in eastern Niger turn economic opportunity into personal and community transformation –revealing to a new generation what […] Continue Reading

Scaling up FMNR, CAWT and planted agroforestry

Challenges and Opportunities 1. FMNR – Widespread with diverse range of trees with multiple products and uses 2. Faidherbia – highly valued but distribution is not uniform and densities are low: Natural regeneration in natural range Plant air pruned seedlings outside its range Direct sow with pre treated seed 3. Other Planted Systems: Tephrosia, P peas, Gliricidia etc […] Continue Reading

1.2 Billion People Lack Electricity. Increasing Supply Alone Won’t Fix the Problem

Originally published on the World Resources Institute website.                 More than a billion people around the world still lack access to electricity; millions more receive poor and inadequate supplies. For the unserved and underserved, there can be significant implications for healthcare, food, education and business. Author Chimamanda Ngozi […] Continue Reading

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

The Sustainable Forest Management module is intended for people involved in afforestation and reforestation program. The module establishes the difference between forest restoration and rehabilitation and sets out the main steps involved in both. The module provides basic and more detailed information on forest restoration and rehabilitation, as well as links to key tools and case […] Continue Reading

Can We Restore 350 Million Hectares by 2030?

Originally published on the World Resources Institute website.       With growing awareness of the economic costs of land degradation, political leaders are adopting ambitious targets to restore degraded forests and agricultural land.  Building on the interest in forest landscape restoration generated by the Bonn Challenge, in 2014, countries adopted the New York Declaration on […] Continue Reading