Projects being undertaken to further increase the adoption of EverGreen Agricultural practices in these counties and beyond include :

Trees for food security – ACIAR & ICRAF

Nearly 400 million people live in the eastern and southern Africa region with nearly 75% living in extreme poverty in rural areas characterized by poor infrastructure, poor market access, environmental degradation and vulnerability to climate variability and change. This project targets Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, in which 75% of the populations depend on smallholder […] Continue Reading

Regional Program on Food and Water in the Sahel and Horn of Africa – DGIS & ICRAF

The Regional Program on Food and Water in the Sahel and Horn of Africa is currently underway and is working with farmers and rural grassroots institutions through local and regional networks of experienced NGO’s to implement a package of agroforestry, rainwater management and microdosing activities. Various effective scaling-up and scaling-out methodologies that have been tested […] Continue Reading

Creating an Evergreen Agriculture in Africa: Scaling-up Conservation Agriculture with Trees for Improved Livelihoods and Environmental Resilience in Eastern and Southern Africa – IGAD

The overall objective of the project is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa while sustaining the natural resource base, by promoting the Conservation agriculture and Agroforestry practices. The purpose is to build the capacity of the smallholder farmers in conservation agriculture and agroforestry practises for improved nutrition, household income […] Continue Reading

Scaling Up the Science to Create an EverGreen Agriculture in Africa – ITAACC Pilot Project – GIZ/BMZ/BAEF & ICRAF

This project will support the scaling-up of EverGreen Agriculture practices to smallholder farmers across the Eastern and Southern Africa regions, through pilot projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. The ongoing degradation of agricultural land, low crop yields, and increasing food insecurity and climate variability is increasing the livelihoods pressure on smallholder farming. […] Continue Reading