Du PointDuPont Pioneer’s partnership will promote the use of fertilizer trees into maize production systems as a low-cost opportunity to improve and sustain yields while enhancing soil fertility and resilience to drought and heat stress and adapting maize farming to climate change. The project is part of a global initiative between Pioneer and ICRAF on the development of EverGreen Agriculture. The initial phase will be rolled-out in selected sites in Zambia and Ethiopia. EverGreen Agriculture practices developed by ICRAF in different African countries will be implemented in these two countries to realize benefits of increased incomes and farm profits to participating farmers.

Through consultative planning with DuPont Pioneer staff, the project will develop a system for distribution of recommended EverGreen Agriculture tree species to farmer-buyers who are purchasing maize seed from DuPont and who wish to participate voluntarily. The effort will involve collaboration with Pioneer staff and distributors in Ethiopia and Zambia, and build upon DuPont existing crop seed distribution model. Low to medium cereal-based systems will be targeted in order to show opportunities for improvements on yield productivity. Activities will seek to reinforce the common goal of ICRAF and DuPont to increase farmer adoption of improved and sustainable production practices that balance optimal use of locally available resources. DuPont’s support to the EverGreen Agriculture Partnership is aligned with DuPont’s Food Security Goals (2012) to be a leader in assisting smallholder farmers become more resilient to adverse climate change and reverse the degradation of soil quality.

For more information see: http://foodsecurity.dupont.com/