Mbazira is a resident of  Kasambya Sub County, with two sons. He has been working with World Vision Uganda to enhance his farm through FMNR practices. He is the member of St. Margret good Samaritan farmers group is the model farmer that has succeeded in integrated tree- crop enterprise with the aim of growing crops as the same time conserving the environment, he narrates his story how his income status was change as well as livelihood.

When I saw the trees nearly getting finished, I decided to go for nature conservation where I allowed a lot of re- growth in my garden; this was achieved when I was selected to host FMNR demonstration site in Kakayo. I have a cool environment here and people enjoy coming here. My crops cannot be affected by sunshine because they are protected by trees. I was able to understand the positive relationship that exists between crops and trees through the skills attained as FMNR champions.

I love nature and that’s why I reserved some part of my land as conservation. I now have 3.5 acres of coffee, 200 trees of avocados and 70 trees of jack fruits. In 2011 I received three seedlings of improved avocados and they are doing well in my garden.  Integrated farming, particularly fruits, has made changes in my life and the community at large through the following ways; increased household income after selling the fruits which enables me to pay school fees in time, improved food security status, improved health through eating a balanced diet.

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Originally published on the FMNR Hub.

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