franceAs part of the second National Day of Agroforestry, France unveiled new plans for developing ecologically sustainable forestry practices throughout the country. the plan aims to reduce the environmental impact of forestry and to integrate forest management practices into the transition to agroecology. Additionally, introduction of agroforestry will help contribute to the French 4 per 1000 initiative to increase soil carbon sequestration.

Agroforestry will help increase biodiversity and yields. A study by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) revealed that 100 hectare parcel of land managed under agroforestry practices yields the equivalent of 136 hectares of lanad managed under standard principals, providing a potential economic boon for the producers who adopt the practice. Furthermore, trees will help diversify production, limit the loss of nitrates in soil pollution of the water table and improve soil fertility

The plan unveils the government’s specific proposals for promoting it in five broad categories with numerous specific actions under each category. Click here to learn more



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