Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) methods, implemented in the area as part of World Vision’s Mogotio ADP, are opening up new opportunities for communities and allowing farmers to return to their pastoral roots. As part of FMNR methods, thick undergrowth is cleared from around local tree varieties, providing a protective canopy and allowing grass to thrive in the newly created shade. Land once lost to erosion is being reclaimed for productivity and profit.

This sets off a series of important changes for the community. More fodder is made available for sale or feeding of animals. Cows are better fed and produce more milk, and growing gardens result in better family nutrition and boosted profits to meet expenses such as school fees and fencing. Increased incomes also allow people to take out loans and buy livestock. The clearing of brush and selective tree pruning provides material that can be used as firewood or turned into valuable charcoal.

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