Monthly Archives: September 2011

Creating an Evergreen Agriculture in Africa: for Food Security and Environmental Resilience-World Agroforestry Center Publication

‘Evergreen agriculture’ wins for climate and hunger

In an opinion piece, M. S. Swaminathan and Dennis Garrity point to the huge potential for agroforestry in addressing food security, poverty and climate change. For more information, click here.

Food risk in Africa, the solution: evergreen agriculture and fertilizing trees

A recent aricle by Tommorw is Greener focuses on evergreen agricultureas the new frontier for agricultural development to address the high level of food security risk in Africa . For more information, click here.

Creating an Ever Green Agriculture for food security with climate resilience

‘Promote Evergreen Agriculture’- Mosephiri Blog

Evergreen agriculture: re-greening Africa’s landscape-New Agriculturalist Article