By implementing Green Growth Initiative in the forestry sector, “Billion Trees Tsunami Afforestation Project” has been kicked off by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in entire province, including 14 Forest divisions of Northern Forest Region of Hazara Division.

According to the project document, out of Rs.14334.72 million programme outlay for a period of four years, Rs.886.364 million has been allocated for Phase-1.Rs.486 million has been allocated in current Annual Development Plan 2014-15 and the rest of funds will be arranged through re-appropriations.

The project aims at rehabilitating depleted forests, raise nurseries for 665 million seedlings, capacity building of 1900 communities, establishment of 83 central model nurseries, planting of 3.4 million seedlings under farm forestry and agro-forestry, improvement of sites of rangelands and pastures, rehabilitation of three degraded watersheds and planting of multi-purpose fast growing trees species on 6000 ha communal and private lands.

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