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Opinion: Evergreen Agriculture

Zimbabwe ill-prepared for climate change challenges – experts

Can conservation agriculture work where scarce biomass feeds hungry livestock?

There is a new report of mixed results about the viability of adopting ‘conservation agriculture’ to enhance soil health and sustain long-term crop productivity in the developing world, an approach advocated by many. The authors of the report work at five centres of the CGIAR and conducted this research under the CGIAR Systemwide Livestock Programme (SLP).

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Simple, cheap practices help African farmers adapt to climate shifts

With the same aim of improving local agricultural practices, the World Agroforestry Centre has teamed up with international aid agency World Vision to gather diverse experts in Nairobi this month to explore innovative ways to tackle Africa’s unending cycle of drought and food insecurity.

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Innovation of the Week: Fertilizer Tree Systems enrich soils naturally

According to “Agricultural success from Africa: the case of fertilizer tree systems in southern Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe),” a report from the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, simple Fertilizer Tree Systems (FTS) can double maize production in soil that is low in nitrogen, an essential plant nutrient.

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Farming needs ‘climate-smart’ revolution, says report